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Edgewood Baptist Church

Welcome to our church

EBC is a compassionate church meeting the needs of hurting people around us and ultimately giving hope to a hopeless world. This is our message... Jesus came to give eternal life to any who would repent and receive Him by faith.


What are your services like?

Our services are what are commonly referred to as “traditional.” The worship music is primarily the great hymns of the faith. We regularly sing songs such as “Amazing Grace,” “The Old Rugged Cross,” “There is Power in the Blood,” “To God Be the Glory,” etc. The main focus of all our meetings is the Word of God.

We do our best to have a friendly atmosphere where people feel welcome and where the Lord Jesus Christ is honored. Our regular attendance is from 45-55, meaning that everyone gets acquainted. People are concerned and pray for one another.


What about Sunday Morning Worship?

We have a pre-service fellowship in the Fellowship Hall immediately behind the main auditorium at 9:30 AM. Doughnuts, coffee and orange juice are served. Then, at 9:50 AM, the classes meet for Bible Study.

Our Sunday Morning Worship Service is our main service of the week at 11:00 AM. Generally, there will be several hymns, prayer, an offering, often special music, and then a message from the Bible. The pastor will have a carefully prepared sermon intended to encourage those present to walk with the Lord. His method of preaching is rooted in the text of the Bible, giving special attention to our human weakness and to the power of God for victorious, holy, Christian living. At the close of the services, an open invitation is given to receive those who desire to be saved, rededicate their lives, or present themselves for church membership.


What about Sunday Evening Service?

This service opens with hymns, sometimes special music, and then a message from the Bible.


What about Wednesday Bible Study?

At the Wednesday Bible Study adults meet in the main auditorium. Often prayer needs are brought before the group followed by a special time of prayer. The children and youth meet separately for a special time of praise, learning and fun. Most of these children and young people are brought in through our bus ministry.


Do visitors have to stand up and say anything?

Absolutely not! Please be at ease! We will not ask you to participate in any of our service functions with which you are uncomfortable. Our only desire is that you are as comfortable as possible and free to observe first-hand what lives at the heart of our faith.


Do I have to put anything in the offering plate?

Although an offering plate will be passed during the services for our church family to participate in as the Lord leads, our guests should feel no obligation to give.


What should I wear?

Come dressed comfortably, but please come ready for a blessing! At Edgewood Baptist, we are most concerned, as Jesus was, about the condition of the inner person. Therefore, external appearance, though important, is not our primary concern. We seek to maintain an atmosphere that helps us to focus on Jesus Christ. You will see people dressed in what may be called “business casual.” However, don’t worry about what you wear. We won’t! We’ll just be glad you came to worship with us!


What is the preaching like?

We consider the preaching and teaching of the Word of God to be the most important time of the service. We believe that the best help you can get comes from the instruction you receive from the Word of God. Click here to visit our Sermons page to listen to previous messages.

Pastor Lilley preaches and teaches that the printed Word of God, the Bible, is the only source of authority or insight that is available concerning God’s revelation of Himself and His will. He holds that contemplative prayer, or “hearing a word from the Lord” is a “thief and a robber.” God does not give a new word for today’s world [Hebrews 1:1].

Pastor Lilley uses a literal approach to the interpretation of the Bible. Unless obviously shown otherwise, the words of the text mean what words in the context would normally mean. [2 Peter 1:19-21].

Pastor Lilley teaches and preaches with a dispensational approach to understanding Scripture. God has revealed Himself to man is such a way that not all Scripture is equally applicable to all men. For example, those of us in the Church Age are not obligated to the Law of the Old Testament [2 Timothy 2:15].

Pastor Lilley preaches and teaches that the Church should be doctrinally driven, not practically driven. Practices change, but doctrines never change [2 Timothy 4:1-4].

Edgewood Baptist Church

About Edgewood Baptist Church

Edgewood Baptist was organized on April 7, 1968. Rev. John Schrimshire, pastor of Piney Grove Baptist, was moderator at the 2:30pm meeting. Rev. A. C. Durham, pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist, gave the message and charge to the church that afternoon. There were 18 signatures on the resolution to found the church. Rev. Billy Blackstock was nominated by Ralph Douglas Porter and seconded by Tommy Yates to be the first pastor.

On July 3, 1968 the first missionary, Noel Edwards (Mexico), and was given $15.00 a month

At a special called meeting on July 24, 1968 a vote was taken to purchase a lot to build the building for $3000.00. The following year the church borrowed $7000.00 to build the church.


Service Time

Sunday School
There is a class for each age group
9:50 am
Sunday Worship Hour
This is a sweet time of worship
11:00 am
Sunday Evening Worship
Join us in a study of God's Word
5:00 pm
Tuesday Faith Bible Institute of Trenton, GA
Study of God's Word
6:30 to 9:30 pm
Wednesday Prayer Service
Adults are meeting in the main auditorium
7:00 pm


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

11041 US Highway 11, South | Trenton, Georgia 30752 USA
Email: info@ebctrentonga.com

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Missionaries and Mission Projects

Edgewood began supporting missions and missionaries from the very beginning. Missions is the heartbeat of God and we should be engaged in reaching the unsaved and unchurched in our local area and around the world.

We support 25 mission projects and missionaries around the world through various mission agencies. Listed below are some of the mission projects and mission agencies that we used to support individual missionaries and mission projects.